The usefulness of microscope and magnifying glasses

Great Blog and great information, thanks. I use a 10X jeweler's loupe to inspect my needles. Not as fancy as a microscope, but works good. I use jeweler's rouge to polish my needles. Green jeweler's rouge works a little better, but if you can't find the green, the red rouge also works nicely.
I will also look into one. Was going for a hand held one but seeing that you can actually take pictures with a USB one, I will go for that. With the pictures you can take it to a manufacturer/client and show them the problem.
Yeah, the USB also allows to show before and after (.jpeg) images when you're polishing needles for instance. This particular model cost me 50 Euro, but it is worth the money.
I have a magnifing lamp that I bought at staples with full spectrum light works great I tattoo also so I am in a habit of checking my needles. I use automotive compound for polishing my needles I know they paint shop safe with no silicone additives. It alo helps if you want to do some real fine detail takes a little bit to get used to looking through it and spraying.
I use a 16x loupe myself. My Paasche VJR's #1 needle was bent terribly. I have a diamond coated blade sharpener that has a groove cut into it for sharpening fish hooks (of all things). Working very slowly and carefully, I've managed to grind off the wavy bits and smooth out the tip considerably. It's not 100%, but it's much closer now and I've noticed an improvement in the spray pattern. Wish I could take a close-up photo, I'm rather proud of my work!
i use a 2 inch low power eye piece and take the barel off and hold the nozzle needle up close i can see the tool marks inside my .15 nozzle and it makes needle straightening a breeze