Hi, has anyone had any experience using inks on helmets. Do they adhere properly to automotive primer.
The answer is generally YES.
Providing the usual prep work has been done, most brand inks have no real problems with auto primer.
If you're still a bit hesitant, do a test piece first, using an old scrap piece of something similar eg car skirt or bumper panels cos they're plastic as well - I STRONGLY suggest not going near the beloveds pots and pans, unless you have ninja reflexes and can dodge bullets from close range!
I have used Fw inks for similar projects - mainly because I wasn't experienced enough to mix the darn shade of colour I needed at the time - and also because it was nearby.
Have I mentioned that I'm terminally lazy?
Worked well and sealed with the clear just fine, but I did put a coat of fixative over it first.
I've been told that a clearcoat with a strong UV protection helps with fading. Stuff's expensive though.
There are inks and there are inks. Some manufacturers says their paints are ink just because it is so thin but are indeed just very runny acrylic paint. Daler Rowney FW, Lukas Illu Color, Schmincke Aerocolor are all considered inks but is not. Then there are the stuff you get in pens. That is real ink and does fade and stains terribly.
As andre said really depends on What ink :) but paint may be a better and cheaper option in the long run in case it doesn't go well and has to be redone, but the fun is in experimenting and finding out as strange effects do occur at times with true inks through an airbrush and can be tricky LOL and ya want a good base but I want to try similar with tattoo ink one day and see how that goes as its high pigment and finely ground but seen lots of ink work that stays steadfast, especially under a good quality clear, be careful there to to make sure the ink is well set and test your clear on a side panel to ensure it wont eat the ink, ink will generally look much lighter anyway as it is when actually an ink is generally a transparent and its hard to get real vibrant color like paint but awesome for monochrome style work and candy look, oh an india ink is a good one through the airbrush though wet which can be an issue when spraying with inks, dont touch the substrate for a bit LOL. Good luck..