Very Confused. Bubbles! Please help!



So, I've cleaned my airbrush 4 times now, but it still continues to blow air into my paint jar. I did some reading around and I found a few posts with the same problem. In their post the Author's usually find the solution is some kind of seal in the "tip". unfortunately I have been unable to find any information on this seal other then it fixes my problem.
I have a Paasche VL. If anyone can help you will save me from having to throw this one away. Thanks in advance!
Hi, your nozzle is blocked/clogged air is not getting out of ther front of the brush, soak it in airbrush restore, airbrush cleaner, or denatured alcohol, those will break down and loosen any crap in there, with an old needle our something gently very gently turn it in the nozzle to break down the rubbish, have a look on there with a jewelers loop our magnifying glass to make sure it's clean
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Seal the head assembly with airbrush lube, that cap that cover the nozzle if u put it on, the first one to the body.