Water reflection


Double Actioner
Please see attachment. Is there a short cut for getting such intricate detail in the reflection? This was airbrushed I guess. I saw where a guy used rubber segment to get certain effects. Curious if this one has a similar shortcut

Rubber segment? I would be interested to see that, too. If i was doing this i would just use a couple of irregular edged paper shields to create a.sharp edge on top of the highlight and a soft fade on the opposite side. I will just do soft dagger strokes along the edge of the shield....
Rubber cement. Yeah, for a waves, I saw a guy use rubber cement, rub some it away with fingers so are little inconsistent areas where there is no cement. Then paint your blue, and take all the cement off.

iw ould just paint it, lol!! watch VR's video on the waves. you never know what kind of reaction the cement would have with your paint or if you had dirty fingers.
VRgrafx. is the youtube name.

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