Were can we buy a new pins and parts



Hi mates how and wer can we buy parts for our airbrush if we lose or break our parts:rolleyes:
Try coast airbrush, tcpglobal, or the web site for your airbrush.

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When I dropped my Iwata Kustom Micron on its nose and bent the needle and cracked the nozzle (price paid for taking it apart in the paint booth and not on the secure work station) I was able to get immediate replacement parts from www.merriartist.com in McMinnville, Oregon USA. They actually had the needle in stock, and drove the 15 miles or so down the road to Iwata to get the nozzle for me, and had it on the way via UPS the same day! The person that worked we us was Sally. Fantastic service!
I have gotten Iwata parts from both CoastAirbrush and TCP Global. Both are good.