Hello Ron here.
I got interested in airbrushing a while back and bought a set of "Renegade" airbrushes.
I was sidelined by a back injury. As things go I started looking at videos to get the motor going again.
From You Tube to here.
Thanks' for the lessons and motivation.
I had damaged a locking collar on one of the brushes and had read that their was an upgrade on
the triggers on my older set.
I contacted "Ken" CEO of Badger about how i would like the upgrade and a new collar.
Without a second thought it was all shipped to me as quick as a blink of the eye.
I did mention i were a member of this site and that i were glad they were sponsors.
The quality of the airbrush and support of an american company is second to none.
I went with BADGER over CHIAWATTA and will never regret it.
Thank you guy's and thank you to BADGER.


Sheriff Woody (Admington)
Good morning Ron and welcome to the forum, follow the tutors tut's and ask any questions and you become an airbrush artist..simples:)