Complete newbie from the uk!



hi my names is Adam finally got a airbrush and compressor for models and also started drawing/art with it so learning the basics dagger stokes, lines etc

really enjoying learning to airbrush

45 mins of airbrush tutors exercises and I got this out of it!!!

suprised even myself!!!

look forward to being part of the community!
hi adam and welcome to the forum, my name is also adam and I'm also from are gonna have to find yourself another forum.....;0) just kidding mate.nice to have you on board.good work for first attempt at the eye, you have obviously been practising your daggers hard!
Welcome from the states!! Now I think we should have a battle for which Adam gets to stay on the forum!! Lol!! Your eye looks great for a first attempt, and it really isn't something people say, practice really does help!! Hope to see more work soon!!

Hi Adam, I'm from Australia... Glad to have you here, lookin forward to seeing you grow in your airbrushing... Great start :)
Welcome aboard mate...also from the Uk, lovin your first attempt, dive strieght in and have a go my friend thats the way to learn, plenty of good folk to help, enjoy:)
Heya Adam, welcome from Florida!!! Wish my first go at a pic was that good. Keep it up and save your work. Be amazed how fast you see improvement. Mostly have fun.
Another fellow brit :) Welcome to the forum. Where you from Adam?

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The Brits are taking over, (well it's better than the Brits are revolting...) hey from another one from dear old Blighty!
Hello Adam and welcome , your dagger strokes are better than mine lol. Practice is the key .
thanks guys am in Chester think when my new airbrush turns up and wicked paints il attempt a wolf painting as my current airbrush (cheap china copy) is playing up lol