Has anyone tried airbrushing acrylic on Krylon Fusion for Plastic base?


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Working on a project, base coat is Krylon Fusion Gloss Black, I was thinking of waiting until it had completely cured then scuff area for the design and paint using acrylic. has anyone tried this?
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What is this on? I have airbrushed over krylon fusion and there is no problems there however the clearcoat can become a questionable venture.
if the side covers already have paint on them than I would only scruff em with 600 wet n dry and paint with acrylic paint , that way I know there will be no problem with 2K clear
The fusion paints really cure out a long time, and thats going to be very important that they completely cure first. Like Ronald said i would use a sealer coat.

I know that defeats the purposee of painting them in gloss black in the first place. But if you get a reaction those bags are toast. Not worth the risk