Hello! hello!


Mad Momma Designs

Just wanted to say hi to everyone! My name is Daron and I am an airbrush artist! I have my own shop in Pittsburgh PA called Mad Momma Designs ( named after my mother!) It's been awhile since I've been on an airbrush forum, but this looks promising! Check out my stuff at my site, madmommadesigns.com Thanks and hope to talk to you all soon!
Welcome Home Mad
Seen you work and sight form other forums , Nice to have you here. Look forward to seeing more of your work.
Thanks! I hope to post up a bit of new work soon!
Just check out you gallery , Love the creature from the black lagoon ..
You do amazing work. Hopefuly you can share a few tips with us every now and then.
Hi daron, welcome mate, true there is a few other forums about but as I'm sure you have already witnessed, none as friendly and forward thinking as this....its great to have you onboard there is some huge talent on here so Im sure you wil pick up as much info and technique as we will from you....welcome buddy
Thanks Everyone! Glad to be here!! Now it is time to get 'brushin'!