Hi from Poland


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Hello everyone,
My name is Sebastian but everyone call me Setka. I'm running with my friend simmilar airbrush forum in my country in Poland (Airbrush'Lab- najwi) and decited to register here and see what's up across the borders :). As far as I can see it's a great place and hope to learn a lot from you all.
Welcome to the forum from the US

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Welcome home Setka, Nice to have you here , We do have some folks from Poland and a lot of other places around the world.
Yes ,this is a great place to learn , Hang out at and have fun.
Try to get in on Paint pal it is a fun way to share art with people on the forum.
Welcome from me in South Africa.

I saw you in a one of Marissa's videos when they gave a class in Poland.
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Welcome Setka - good to have you on here mate, we're more than happy to share our knowledge to like-minded communities:) thanks for touching base!
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home,like i do!!!:angel:loved you work!!!