How to hair



Not really how to do it, but how do i get the those white hairs in 1 shot. Ive made some nice base with black spots amd such before, but when i get my opaq whte for fur, it become grey on it, ive used spectra tex, wicked, schmincke... Help?
What is happening to you is kind of like blue shift. Putting white on black is the hardest thing to do in my mind no matter what paint you are using. You really need to build the white up in light passes to get it white. Or when you are using the black leave out where you are Going to be using white. Depending on the surface you are painting on I would suggest scratching the hairs out, but if you put your black on to thick in may not work properly. I made a video of a leopard of how I did it. Don't know if you have seen it, or would like to see it but if you would I will attach the link. Or you can find it on here under monochrome snow leopard video.

I know em, but since ab tutor. Manages to 1 hit m in white, i wass curious.
Even he will tell you, like for instance on his whiskers of the tiger. He had to go over them 3 or 4 times to get the white the way he wanted, and that wasn't over a real dark painting.

hello darkness my good friend, good to seee you again, i like the dark paintings
Rick - i never use white over black - you'll notice the leopard is a blue black - this makes the white cover a little easier - but the whiskers etc - seamonks is spot on - they took about 3 or four passes. it's do or die with them - you have to hit them spot on 3 times each at least.
as for the textures - you just go over parts with multiple passes if you need your white to be whiter!
less reducer and higher air pressure can help too.