Iwata cm c plus or cm b


Fallen's Maze

I am interested in getting ultra fine detail. The cm-b has the smaller needle nozzle configuration but I like the cup size and the Mac valve of the c-plus. I own an hp-ch and am really happy with it. Is the cm-b's level of detail noticeably better than the c-plus? I have heard that the cm-b clogs easier with the.18 needle than the cm-c or C plus. Generally I hear that these brushes are the best detail brushes available, but since they are also so expensive I want to make sure I get the one that will work best for me. Right now I am leaning towards finer detail if the difference is easily noticeable. Does anyone know if you can buy the cm c or c plus with the smaller matched head assembly out of the box?
Either one will work. You can use the needle / Nozzle set up in either one of them. I have both the .23 and .18 for my CM-C plus , With the .18 set up you will have to make sure you paint is filtered , Also when I have used the .18 (Rarely) I only run it at about 5 to 10 PSI . Wicked run great through either tip , HOK flows like a dream But either system needs extra reduction.
Mac value honestly I hardly ever use it. I like know what air pressure I am running. The needle stop I have used from time to time mainly doing things like eye lashes.
Main difference I have found between having a real micron vs. the poor mans micron is softness of spray pattern and how mush more atomization you get from a true micron.
You can call Coast Airbrush and talk to them and they will switch heads systems on it. But you will have to talk to them. Me I just ordered the stock CM-C plus and than added the extra head set , that way I have both.