NE Colorado, bikergranny!



Hiya ya'll bikergranny here. From NE Colorado! Nice to meetcha all new and old friends alike!
LOL, with a name like that how could i not say Hi :wink-new:

Hi !
Hi bikergranny!!I think we have a relative of yours on here called Triker Oma!? I'm assuming related - that's no joke though - triker oma!
good to have you here mate, i've seen your name come up in various websites like that big airbrush review site I think by a man named Ron?
Great to have you here, let us know if there's anything we can help you with or you can help us with:)
Thanks for the warm welcome!!! Great to see another good forum. Looks like it's growing by leaps n bounds as well!
Hey Bg, nice to see that you found us too. There's a great bunch of artists here too, really talented and quirky, a lot of fun! Enjoy your stay.
Hey BG!!! Glad to see you over here as well!! You are a very wise and talented chick and your a great addition to the forum!!!

hey biker granny welcome to the forum, cannot wait to see what you get up to........
Thanks guys n gals!! Danke! Gracias! Nah ABT don't think I have any relatives down under. Just brother n sister artists is all LOL! Hopefully I can start posting some of my work later on. Right now I gotta work on a T-shirt for the United Way silent auction. Right after I get me some smoky treats n more coffee!!