Ratio for Wicked paint and reducer


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Hi group,

Does anyone have a good reference or starting point for reducing Wicked black with the W100 reducer to spray through an Iwata HP-BCS Eclipse? (Nozzle is 0.5).

Hi Carl, I bet someone posts at the same time as I do...... the principle here includes personal preference, psi, nozzle (0.5 in your case) distance from artwork and substrate. I think you may get away with a STARTING POINT of 5 parts reducer to one part paint at 40psi, from there, depending on your substrate (Tshirts, absorbant paper, steel etc) you may need to reduce both your paint and your psi. for T shirts 60 psi and no reduction. looking forward to seeing what others say, as these questions teach me a lot too. :)
Well lets get more information :D What type of compressor are you running that BCS with?
tankless compressors hold 35 to 40 PSI with the trigger off but will drop to around 20 to 25 with the air on.

Even thou you have a .5 set up Wicked recommends a starting point of 1 part paint to 3 parts reducer.
But can be reduced 1 to 100 or even more.

So to answer your question with the information you have given 1 drop paint to 3 drops reducer. if you find that is not thin enough at 1 drop of reducer at a time until you get the flow you are looking for.
If you find that to thin then add 1 drop of paint until you get the flow you are looking for .

What works for one does not always work for others.
Thanks for your all's responses. I know there's not going to be a "one-size-fits-all" ratio. Its mostly trial and error until I find one that works for me. To provide a little more info, as I get back into ABing, I'll start out with t-shirt material. I'm using an Iwata PowerJet Studio compressor. In the past, I've typically done t-shirts using PSI ranging from 40 to 60.