Top 10 troubleshooting tips - part 1



1) Bubbling incolor reservoir (color cup or jar):A. Damaged nozzle seal / If drop in tip, makecertain it is properly seated in the angled recess of the airbrush body, andthat the surfaces between the tip and body are cleared of any debris and arenot marred or scratched. If threadedtip, make sure threads are properly sealed – using beeswax or chapstick ifnecessaryB. Tip dry /Remove the dried paint from the paint tip by picking it off with your fingernails or spraying cleaner through the airbrush. If tip dry occurs frequently in your application, it is helpful to keepa paint brush and water nearby to wet the paint tip when necessary to get yourairbrush spraying properly again. Tipdry will occur more frequently during detail airbrushing applications, and whenspraying at higher air pressures. C. Incorrectspray regulator alignment / Tighten or loosen your spray regulator in ¼ turn orlesser increments to determine if that is the cause of the problem. If it is, your airbrush will stop bubblingand resume spraying once you hit the spray regulator’s “sweet spot”.D. Splitpaint tip / Replace the paint tip.

2) Off-centerspray:A. Bent needle tip / Carefully straighten theneedle tip. A grooved sharpening stoneor a firm thumb nail and an emery board are effective devices for straighteningbent airbrush needle tips. If you areunable to straighten the needle tip, a replacement needle will need to beinstalled to correct the off-center spray concern.

3) Air on but no color spraying:A. Swollen or damaged air valve o-ring / If airvalve or-ring is swollen due to soaking airbrush allow it to dry out. It may return to its correct size. If o-ring does not return to its correct size or is damaged and not functioning properly, it needs to be replaced.
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