Anyone come from a pencil drawing background?



I have been pencil drawing my whole life I am now 25 and am looking to learn to airbrush. I am looking for artsit who come from a similair back ground
so maybe we can learn from eachother and help eachother by sharing our experiences and help by avoiding pit falls.
I have been pencil drawing my whole life I am now 25 and am looking to learn to airbrush. I am looking for artsit who come from a similair back ground
so maybe we can learn from eachother and help eachother by sharing our experiences and help by avoiding pit falls.

I used to draw a lot when I was younger with a simple pencil, I would normally draw family members and new babies, generally anything to make a monument of a particular family event, unfortunately I don't have anything I can show since everything I did was for someone else and given to them when it was finished, I stopped about 20 years ago due to pounding headaches when I was doing that and also my own job, I found found later that the reason for this was that I needed glasses, lol, after visiting my doctor several times he suggested an eye test, I'de never had an eye test till then, what an idiot.

I do plan in getting back into now that can see.

If you plan on getting into airbrushing, I would say definitely go for it, however, do expect it to be a little strange at first, as you know you rely on the feeling of pressure on your pencil to determine intensity of lines and shading and so on, this feeling is non existent with airbrushing since there is only air between you and the airbrush, it freaks you out in the beginning.

Air brushing is fun when you get to do it, and as long as you stick around here, you'll get all the help and advice you could ever need, it's a bunch of good people here and we are 100% mental, but that goes with the territory, I notice your only 25 and I think this will you to learn a lot quicker than some of us, poor Mitch has to tell me everything 50 times, lol

Any way Peter, don't spend too much time thinking about it, just get it done, you won't regret it.

And don't forget we have a few pro's on the forum who are also always willing to chip in.
Like madbrush it has been better than 25 years since i have did pencil drawing. It was a way to pass time on long hops between duty assignments. Much like madbrush I too would get headaches but mine were due to poor lighting condition of the aircraft I was on when I would draw.
Airbrush is more of an open canvas meaning I can airbrush on anything. where I am not just restrained to paper .
But just do it , There is no try in do there is only do.
Gear up , practice yours dots and dagger stroke fades and blends and jump in with both feet.
It seems you are trying to read to much into the world of airbrushing. Much like pencil drawing you can erase your highlight or scratch in some hair lines , But instead of using a blending stick to fade from dark to light you are using paint and an airbrush.
Pit falls happen , Why because you are learning something new.
That is just called life. If there were no pit falls would you learn what not to do?
I still do allot of pencil drawing as I do tattoo work airbrushing is a different medium and it really shines in it's ability to do gradients. I use allot smudging techniques and erasing in my pencil drawings erasing techniques can be carried over to the AB world with some new rules but experimenting and having a plan will help you along the way along with coach Micron's pep talks.
thanks guys i really appreciate the replies.. I started drawing when i was 6 or 7 years old.. there is somthing about fine art that has alwayse fascinated me.. and i have never minded hard work . i have been known to sit for 12 or 13 hours infront of a portrait trying new things mostley perportion and such since i dont trace anything. i have had an interest in airbrushing scince i was in high school because like MR Micron said im limited to paper for the most part and i want to step out and take all the things ive learned from drawing and apply them to
airbrushing which will give me an unlimited amount of possiblities. i plan to start the practice sheets tonight.. if i have any questions il post.. thanks guys i appreciate it =)
I think with an artistic background, you will already have a head start when it comes to understanding light, perspective, tone etc. etc. Not that it's essential, anyone can learn to AB. It's the learning how to work with a new tool that levels the playing field for everyone. Once you master, (and prepare to be frustrated, and accept the fact that you may not get the quality of results you are used to at first.) the mechanics of the airbrush, and getting paint mixtures and airpressure correct, and then focus on getting the different strokes perfected, then the world is your oyster. Seems like you don't mind putting in the hours, and I think once you get into ABing, you'll be as hooked as the rest of us in no time. Good luck!
Sure did, started of with pencils, then moved onto oils, then watercolor, then back to fine line drawing then into airbrushing..Left all the others behind now LOL..Drawing certanally helps a lot I think, especially if you got into lots of shading styled work as it really does help understand the similar process with the airbrush..GL and hope ya enjoy the hobby..:)