Hello from Croatia!!!



My name is Slavko Slukan, i´m from Croatia,small country in europe from small city Vinkovci. I´m 25 years old, not maried... I airbrushing less than a year, but I draw all my life. I never attended any drawing classes,it´s my hobby as well , and to make some money on portraits. I started airbrushing at the urging of my fried... I apologize for the spelling errors in english, I uderstand it well but spelling is bad...lol I hope good company and useful advice...
Hi from the UK Slavko, enjoy yourself and show us some of your work, we would love to see it, ask any thing you like and join in....oh and in the words of the great ABtutor himself "spread the love" :)
Well come to the forum , post up some pictures of your paintings. and you have came to a great place to hang .
welcome to the forum. I look forward to seeing some of your work
Hi from the uk, You've come to the right place for good company and advice, it's all here!
welcome from Australia, and considering english isnt your first language, you are doing fine. :)