is it possible to colour a rubber mat.?


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is it possible to airbrush a rubber mat?

i know this is a silly question but i was wondering if its possible.

i have a show car i painted the center console on, and it has a little tray on it (for chucking change on or phones. keys etc) it has a little rubber mat on it it would look rally cool a differnt colour instead of the faded grey/black it is.. cream for example would look awesome.. i cheekly tried to paint it i thought my paints stick to most surfaces s, thought if i dont bend it and it goes in the car it should hold its colour. but it didnt.
i wonder if there are any paipnts or dyes that will colour it.
if it cant be coloured its not too much of an issue as i will go get another cut and shaped in cream from somewhere else, it will just take a bit of finding where to get that done thats all, but i just wondered if that is a surface that cant be painted.
I don't know if the rubber is the same type. I did these cheap floor mats a couple years ago and as far as I know, The paint still is sticking. There is a little wear from the feet, but it worked.
I just scuffed really good, then based it with AutoAir aluminum fine then airbrushed with AutoAir. Drying time was slow, so I took my time. I cleared the area with a rattle can automotive glossIMG-20131206-01415.jpgIMG-20131204-01383.jpg
How did you prep the mat?
Alcohol then wax and grease remover and one last rub with alcohol usually does the trick on taking out all the release agent and oils found in most rubber.
I also spray Bull Dog adhesion promoter as the first layer to make a bound between the rubber and the paint.
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i will try that, i will give it one last go with different prep, if it still doesn't stick i will get some custom ones made up :) thanks guys.
IMG_20160622_122409482_HDR.jpg this is the tiny little piece im trying to paint.. looked awesome cream but this all peeled straight off, almost in one big sheet was no adhesion at all.