Newest eye attempt


Young Tutorling

So this is my 4th or 5th try at this and i still cant get the bottom eyelashes to look normal. I have a lot of dagger strokes to stilpractice but I have seen major improvement from my first. Please let me know what else I need to work on. Thanx in advance.
Lookin good jay! As for the lower lashes only thing I can think to suggest is that maybe you could follow the curve of the shape of the lower lid. The direction the lash is going (and you're right to vary that, way more natural), will affect which way the lash curls, and some look a little straight. Don't know if that helps or makes any sense. But anyway, great attempt!
Looks very good Jay, loads better than my eyes,
I have major probs with the lower lashes as well, i've started putting a v light drop shadow under them, which gives them a lift and stops them looking like there stuck on the skin.
high lights put some white in it needs a white streak between iner eyelid and eye ball to simulate fluid also some figure 8 texture between inside of eyelid and skin right were the lashes come out i see it in every eye photo i look at
Remember our eyeballs are round... shadows are a key factor creating a three dimesional effect when painting the eye. The upper eyelid and eye lashes cast a shadow on the upper part of the eyeball and you have portrayed that; however, there should also be a shadow on the left and right corners of the eyeball and a faint shadow will be cast on the lower part of the eyeball as it curves underneath itself. Small details like these will give your work much more realism. Hope that makes sense and keep up the good work!
Thanks for all the good advice and compliments. I will definately apply these to my next one....when I get to it. Kinda eyed out atm.