Pin Stripe Around Flames


Double Actioner
I was reading a e-book about painting flames. This guy says that most often, old school flames, NEED to be pinstriped. Why would it need to be pin striped? I know I know the answer, cuz of the raised edge from the tape?

that could be the answer but i would say because it looks way cooler when you add the third color or a contrasting color to it, that really makes it pop! but yes there is an edge to them after you pull the tape, but if your putting the right amount of clear on it then that little edge wont matter.
See you answered your own question...
They do not need to be pin striped, But back in the day the paint was laid on thicker and most would pin strip them to cover the tape line.
But most of the old styled flame jobs today do not have pin stripes. Unless you lay on the paint to thick.
Nice TuT SA. Really like the marbled effect you got. Will have to remember that one.