Stencil weights


John Howe

Awhile back I saw a YouTube video where the artist used tiny little chrome looking weights on his stencil to keep it pinned down. I. Cannot find any weights like his anywhere. Does anyone know what these are? What they are called and where to purchase them.... Ido not know what video that was where I seen them or I'd ask him direct. Thanks in advance to any help.
We are simple folk... :) You can also use magnets. I use a set of 5mm neobdynium magnets from foxy art studios.
You can get lead weights from any tire shop, or smaller ones from hobby shops
Nice of you go come out of the woodwork now how about letting all use know more about you in the introduction section .
You just would not want anyone to yell stranger danger .:D

I have a lot of old transmission frag magnets that a friend gave me from some transmissions he was scrapping . They work get . But if you are working on paper you might want some type or thin metal behind it so it can grab and hold it down.