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I am a newbie in this forum, i am looking for help.

recently i have just restarted my Airbrush Compressor after a few years as we have a baby in the house.

I feel air is leaking from the regulator on the line just above the hose nut? I have open the top assembly but the seal is still good, no rust..etc.

Anyone can assist?


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It's strange to have an air leak from there. Are you sure it's exactly there? If so, you have to change entire filter with regulator.
Once I had an issue with the gasket inside the regulator, it failed. I had to replace the regulator as no gasket as part was sold for that model.
So in your case, I think, your compressor is waiting for a new filter-regulator.
I would advise FESTO to install instead of that one you have.

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If it's leaking around the threads then thread tape. If it's the casing then the regulator. At a low pressure put some soapy water around the area to see exactly where the leak is coming form.
Hey being new here, can I get you to go along to the intro section and say hi? Where are you from, what do you paint, gear you use, etc. Would love to see some of your work. It's a good community here and we like connecting with people. Here is the link

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Found the problem, there is a crack on the housing... :-(


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Never seen such a problem. I wonder how that could happen.
I think in this case only new one can solve the problem.
Thanks for the tips!

I will get myself those sealer locally.
It may even be enough on the existing component to stop the air for the short term as well.
Looks like you may have added a bit to much teflon to your thread and to much force went on the body, a little dab of some liquid seal may be a better idea when you get you new one..Good luck
PS dont throw that one away, with that same liquid seal, gentle see if you can open the crack up a wee bit more by tightening your fitting a bit..worse that will happen is you'll break it ;) LOL..Put it on a flat surface so the liquid seal dont run down into a space you dont want it, more along the seam and just within it..Then take out the fitting, little gclamp for some gentle pressure and leave it for a few hours, should work like new or at least give your new one a backup..

I can't find any liquid sealant here mostly are used for engine gasket...etc

Would it be okay to use Tamiya's Thread Lock or any lock tide?

best regards,
Give a link to that sealer.
Locktite is great! But it's expensive. That's why I use that "regular" thread sealer for steel pipes. For our purposes it works great.
It's a surprise, that you can't find something similar locally . I think it's sold in any hardware store at least in big store.
The price in the link is crazy:) In the description is said, it's for metal parts, so it's possible to say it would work. But it's not that much said in the description about the product.
I think even Loctite would be cheaper. But there are different type of sealers they produce, so choose that one for your purpose. In your case I'd rather buy Loctite than pay those money for 10ml.
if you use loctite for threads get one that doesn't harden fully unless you want it permanent as Vladimir says..There are different grades of loctite, a smll bottle doesnt cost too much. For the body of the old regulator, I'd use one that does harden. Thread tape is fine also, just make sure you don't overwrap the thread and that you apply it correctly..many dont and put it on the wrong way and it will get pushed up the thread and gathers, potentially causing crossthreading or similar issues to what happened with your first regulator..You can also get teflon paste. But yer they are sometimes more expensive than just buying a spare regulator LOL..Good luck
Thanks to everyone, I've found a local supplier for similar air regulator.

The only thing I had to do is to get an extension due to the space on the compressor and the regulator's water retainer cannot be disassembled.

I've found out it is a common problem with SIL-AIR 20's regulator to leak air.

Good as new!

And again you put there teflon tape...

How can you paint with those PU hoses? They're so stiff. Regular braided hose is even cheaper than those Festo fittings and PU hose you have, I'd say. But hose for airbrushing is flexible and convenient for painting. What for do you use this compressor? Maybe not for painting...
My AB hoses are all chinese made and work well.
Thanks, regulator are fixed by my supplier, they are local supplier and didn't worried about the pte tapes warranty on them lol

Don't see a problem with these tube they are new from my local hobby store. As my painting are for miniatures... i don't need big movement, except the wrist movement and frequent forward and pull.