DIY Turntable



When i get the hang of airbrusing i will be needing a turn table when i start painting
my fishing lures and today i started out making me one. Have in mind im going to paint
rather small stuff,

i used 2 of them black plastic plates with a stick on them, that holds cd's and dvd's when you buy a cd or dvd spindle, a pvc pipe (the piece you use to connect 2 electric wire pipes together) doesnt realy mather what pipe you use. anyway its 80mm long and a 16mm inside hole, as you can see on the pictures i had to build up with electric tape to get a good fit, the spin effect is working well
i might attache a little bigger top plate to it thou, if so ill update with a new picture.

This is what you need.

Put some tape on to make a good fit.

Check to see the spin effect.

Thats it! A dirt cheap turntable
this is a great idea. You can get the same type of table when you buy a spool of wire. Thicker guage wire, bigger table.. alsp ive screwed a 3x3 piece of plywood to the dead center so it wont tip and boom bigger table top. Really works well when you compare the store prices
yepp think i will attach it to a wider fot when i add a bigger table, i will cut it all out from plywood tomorrow :)
Make sure u drill guide hole in the plastic before screwing it so as not to crack the plastic!
will do, it breaks pretty easy and ill update the first post with the final result :)
An old sandblasting trick, go to B&Q/WAllmart/Home Dept/Bunnings
Get a lazy susan.
I use an old record turntable... it still powers's nifty for clearing or undercoating things like helments....I just set the speed to 33 snd spray as it turns!

Motorised turntable, genius :)
I'll have to remember that when i create my space. Ive got an old turntable up in the loft :)

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Check ebay for display turntable
You night find something motorised for under a tenner.
Cant post links meh , another option for a turntable is from IKEA search for ''Snudda'' i got one and its really cheap and is somewhat big enough for most modeling needs or airbrush