Paasche VL problem



Hi all,

Twice in as many months I have dropped my Paasche VL and, after inspecting and it looking fine, I noticed that it constantly lets air through even when the trigger is not depressed. I have taken them both apart and all parts seem fine, yet no matter what I do, I cannot keep the air from coming through. I obviously have some valve damage, but I don't know how to fix it. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

I assume you are talking about the trigger air valve is allowing air to pass through even when the trigger is not depressed.
You have either crushed the rubber o-ring causing it to split or crack or damaged the valve locking screw causing the valve needle to bind. or tweeked the valve needle itself. I have had the valve needle bend just enough to keep it open when I first started out. drove me crazy trying to figure it out. Ended up just replacing all the parts in side the valve needle housing. Fix the problem .
Being I am not sure in what country you live that is about all the advice I can offer.
Hard to suggest places to get affordable parts without at least a country to go by.

Oh and invest in a airbrush holder helps with not letting it drop....LOL
Thanks, Herb. I purchased a new air valve assembly, but the problem persists. I have changed the needle, but that did not do it. Are there o-rings in the valve casing other than the one that sits on the valve plunger? I am at a loss and I have 2 of these stinging things acting the same way...
Is the air coming through the nozzle? On both of them? Sounds odd, and double odd if it's the same for both! I hope you don't think this is a stupid question, but is it possible you haven't put them together quite right?
Well, the damage happened on dropping it, so it didn't have to do with how I put it together. Yeah, the air is coming out of the nozzle on both. I ordered some guts for each and will strip out and try from scratch.