Clean-up time.


Detail Decepticon!
Hi, All.
Just a little something I came across by accident .
I was struggling to get the pot of my A/b clean, something everyone I guess has done at times.
I'd come across these circular foam make-up removal pads, and thought they would be useful for cleaning my overspray, etc.
Not only are they resistant to most cleaning chemicals we use in our art, but being sort of squishy [Sorry, Squishy! lol.] they easily fit into
the cup.
I just dab a few drops of thinners on 'em and wipe out the Brush.
I also find that if the spray pattern starts to play up, a quick [gentle!] wipe with these pads works great!
They're also dirt cheap from most discount stores.
Hope you find this as useful as I have.
Yep, except I use the triangle the same material just different shape. I use for tip dry removal!