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i have a digital projector,, i thought it would be a real nut getter, but the images still have blur on them, especially the minute details of the eye, any one have any suggestions on gettin a really clear pic for seem like the more i use a projector the less confidence i have in my ability to draw,,,so i dont know if these machined are a hinderance or a blessing to me...h
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Might be a silly question here, what size is the projector? and how small are you trying to project with it. My projector is a movie styled projector so its really designed to produce quite a large image, I did try to use it for projecting an image for painting but I was trying to project smaller than what it was designed to do, thus couldn't focus it and same issue-Bluriness....If using it for projecting airbrush images it really helps to have one of those mini (hand held) projectors..Secondly I've never worried too much about projecting reducing my drawing confidence, if you can draw you can still draw, its like riding a bike, might take a couple of attempts but the skill will always be there...

Now onto clear images-Personally I like to use an old school projector..I get my image up on a computer and trace the important features and aspects with a fine line pen onto a transparent sheet. This way I can remove all the noise that comes along with a picture that I don't need. A simple line drawing projects really well and is very easy to see..GL mate..
I always wanted a digital, but not if its like that. Is there any kind I focus adjustment or a limit on the distance it can be from the surface?

I have a tracer and a prisim. I don't even use the tracer cause the prisim projects color images as good as the copy. Hope you get that worked out cause I may still get one, lol!
I am giving the tracer projector as a prize for the December challenge.

cool thanks guys,,,i have a prism also, the digital is better, but you should check into the artograph digital projector, i have an epson..and rebel yell, i have tried tracing on transparent film and it works great... thanks for you input men...
hey ran, I also use an old school over head works great for me, however lets say I was trying to do a portrait, i would try to get a large picture (like 1 mb on google) of almost whole upper body, print it on to trans and then I can have my projector zoomed in just on the face over 6 ft away, plenty of space for getting rid if blur, and the picture was big enough I first place to retain using works top notch printer though.....does all that make sense?
thanks fez,,, i like the look of the old school projectors, thanks for the input....bro