Double Actioner
Hello all, I am Jagadeesh from India.

I have been airbrushing for about a year and half and I love it.

It was tough learning since very few people can even spell airbrush here in India.

But I was stubborn enough to learn a lot thanks to videos by the late Jaime Rodriguez, airbursh tutor and Ed Hubbs.

Hoping to learn more from this community


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Welcome home Jagadeesh, It is nice to add you into the family , Yes J.Rod was a great teacher , Mitch aka AirbrushTutor is a great teacher and fun to watch. Can not say enough about good old Ed. He is one really nice guy.

But you have found a great place to hang out learn , Help and share you work.
Welcome aboard my friend, you have come to the right place, you will fit right in, enjoy and spread the love:)