New Guy Here , Just saying Hello



Hi all , I have been on some other sites for many years. Just thought I would register here too.

I have been airbrushing for over 14 years , started like most I guess , T-shirts , License Plates.
Moved on to hard surface , murals etc...

I have done show winning autos and I paint about anything now. I do trucks, cars, cycles , Canvas, wall murals you name it.

Hope to do some give and take here , give some advice and take some too LOL

Hey cuz glad you found the place , Look forward to seeing your latest work.
welcome to the forum!! cant wait to see the work!! where at in ohio you from im originally from the cincy area.
Hi cuz from the uk, glad you signed up, looking forward to seeing some of your work!
Welcome aboard cuz, always great to have experienced artist on board, show us stuff ya mate and let us drool:)